The Standard Library

Master the standard library of your programming language.

What's all this then?

I saw a gap in the programming world. Most languages have an extensive standard library and core that a lot of programmers are missing out on. I was doing things the long way because I just didn't know the standard library had something built in.

I'm trying to fill that gap with deep looks at the standard library of your favorite language. My first step is Go, the new programming language from Google. If it takes off, I'll look at other languages like Ruby, Python, Javascript, and C.

Another mailing list?

The first book is well under way with 24 chapters done across 280 pages.

If you sign up, I'll be able to keep you up to date on new versions of the book and free material. If this sounds cool, maybe download a sample or get right to it and buy the book.

Anything else right now?

I'm giving Leanpub a go for building the first book, so it'll be available as PDF, ePub, and Mobi, for reading on pretty much everything. I even hear the PDF can be fed to Lulu to make a pretty mean hardcopy.


There's a blog. It has words, and can keep you up to date.


You might also consider following @TheStdLib on Twitter for those updates that just don't make sense for a full email blast.