Go, The Standard Library

Real Code. Real Productivity. Master The Go Standard Library

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Complete, Runnable, Example Code

Don't be left hanging with only a few lines of basic usage. Go, The Standard Library gives you complete example code. Fully runnable programs, inline in the book and available for download from Leanpub.

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Extensive, In Depth Coverage

Learn The Standard Library inside and out, making you more productive with less dependencies. If I miss a topic, tell me and I'll add it!

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Real World Use Cases

Sick of theoretical examples only suitable for documentation? Get real world code, like supporting gzip bodies from HTTP clients and a look at a timing attack (and how The Standard Library can help prevent it)!

Improve real world projects, only $29!

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About The Book

Some smart people working at Google came out with a language called Go, and it's got a wicked awesome standard library. The problem is, the standard library of any language plays second fiddle to the syntax and other libraries that come out on Github

With Go, The Standard Library, I give you the tools to take Go by the horns and be productive without installing every library on Github.

Safely pay through Leanpub and get PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats so you can read it anywhere. Get free updates as I finish more chapters.

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Only $29? Surely you can't be serious

I am serious. And don't call me Shirley. Get it now before I change my mind! It's an in depth look at the library of packages that come standard with your Go distribution, and it's a big library. We're talking 38 top level packages.

Great grandmother's memory allocator! What if I don't want to hand over my hard earned $29?

If you're not quite ready to part with 29 clams just yet, two full chapters are available as a Go, The Standard Library free sample. You can also check out the table of contents outline too, which isn't even close to done yet and we're already up to 398 pages! I mean, you're already at way less than a dollar a page.

In the end it's only a dollar a chapter...

I'm no mathemagician, but that's a pretty solid deal to me.

As I go, that price might go up a bit more.

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