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INSERT INTO chapters (title) VALUES (‘database’)

12 September 2012

The database chapter is wrapped up to a point where I can publish it. It’s a pretty straightforward package, and right now I cover using it as you’d expect. I’ll get an example of writing a driver for it later.

This new chapter adds another 10 pages to the book, and of course the updated code can be downloaded from Github using the links in Introduction.

But I want to read it!!!

Well, dear sir or madam, head over here and pick up your copy of Go, The Standard Library for only $29. I’d really appreciate it.

You’ll get this brand new chapter, hot off the Leanpub presses, in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats, to top off 34 complete chapters full of Go goodness.

If you’re not ready to open up your wallet just yet, grab the Sample PDF and check out a couple chapters. Give it a look, and if you dig it, pick up a copy, and get free updates for life.