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OHAI. THREE MOAR CHAPTURS - expvar, flag, and fmt

26 January 2013

It’s been a while, I just can’t seem to find a good flow for writing, but there are three new chapters out.

The expvar, flag and fmt chatpers are squared away and ready for your viewing. They’re all solid packages with 9 examples spanning the 3 chapters. Every Go developer should be familiar with these packages, and the best way to do that is pick up a copy.

Need a copy?

Check out this page. A measely $29 gets you all 34 chapters and 398 pages of Go, The Standard Library.

Leanpub will lovingly assemble your book into PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats, for easy reading anywhere. With No DRM.

If you’re not ready yet, maybe you’re waiting for more, there’s still a Sample PDF to grab with a couple chapters. Give it a look, and if you dig it, pick up a copy, and get free updates for life.

I even updated the sample with an extra chapter from this update!